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Middle School Girls Volleyball

Written by: Zainab Al-Mahaweelee

Central Academy now allows its students to play volleyball, including middle school students. The Middle School Girls Volleyball team has been steadily improving during every practice, and they have been putting in their best effort to continue improving. They have their heads high and are staying positive, as well as helping one another out and overall working together as a team. So far, 6 games have been played where they won 2 and lost 4. During the girls’ best game which was against Cresent, the Middle School Girls Volleyball team managed to win all 3 sets, and every player managed to score at least 2 points.

Special thanks to Sarah Atali who has given the team her full support and help. Her efforts are greatly appreciated, especially because of today’s event. The Middle School Girls Volleyball team will be having a home game today, which starts at 5 and is estimated to end around 6. The girls have put in their best efforts to improve their performance and gameplay in order to win. So, best of luck to you, girls! Do your best during today’s home game and achieve victory!

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