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Varsity Girls

Written by: Amelia Burgess, Edited by: Zainab Al-Mahaweelee, 12/14/22

Varsity girls basketball season has finally started this year for Central Academy! The girls are coached by Renee Burgess, who also coaches the girls middle school basketball team. This is Coach Burgess’ second basketball season with the program and she is here to stay.

The girls had their first game of the season November 30th, 2022. It was away at Cesar Chavez Academy in Detroit. The girls lost 27-35 in their season opener. The starters for this game were Rayan Tabateh, Layali Issa, Saja Hamdan, Asmaa Issa, and Kefah Wadi. The girls hustled hard, put up a good fight, and tried their hardest. Sadly, they still lost, but it was a close score throughout the game.

The girls then played again on December 2, 2022. They traveled to Osborne High School. The score was 28-41. The game was neck and neck until the 3rd quarter when Osborne took the lead and would remain there for the rest of the game. The starters for this game were Rayan Tabateh, Layali Issa, Saja Hamdan, Asmaa Issa, and Kefah Wadi. Coach Burgess said that she is still trying to set her starters for this season.

The Falcons had their first home game of the season on December 8th, 2022. They played against ULA. They lost 27-40. Their starters for this game were Ayan Thabata, Layali Issa, Shatha Thabata, Saja Hamdan, and Kefah Wadi. The girls hustled hard and were winning after the second half but lost the lead in the third quarter.

This puts the girls 0-3 this season. However, they’re hoping they can win their next game on December 13th 2022. This game will take place at Central Academy, 6:00. It is a triple header. The Junior Varsity boys will play at 4:30, Varsity girls at 6:00, and the Varsity boys at 7:30. Come out and support everyone! Go Falcons!

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