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Why Mental Health is Important

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

Written By Kother Al-Hassan. Edited by Asmaa Issa.

You would most likely say "yes" if I asked you if your health was significant. Now for a question that's not entirely a deception, is the state of your mind important? Regardless of how you choose to respond, the answer is unquestionably yes. Let me explain my point in context. Would you skip a day or more of school if you were physically ill? Now, if you were having mental health issues, would you still act in the same manner? Although the response should be "yes", many people think not. And for the importance of mental health that needs to change.

The human mind is incredibly strong. To function, every single movement in our bodies needs a signal from the brain. Our brains are practically always at work, even while we sleep. Our minds are active all the time. However, why do most individuals recoil at the thought of giving their thoughts a break if they are so productive every second of the day? Why is that concept so prevalent in some regions of the world? Unfortunately, there are still cultures around the world where talking about mental health is taboo. The two main settings where the mind works the hardest for both children and adults are school and the workplace. And not being in a comfortable enough environment to be able to make your mental health important is exhausting and not only physically draining but also mentally.

If you were to run continuously for an hour, your body would likely become exhausted soon after. Later, you would naturally take a short break to rest. By doing this, you are looking after your physical health. The question then becomes: How can one maintain their mental health? For instance, if you were to work for a long time, taking a break would be a simple method to care for your mental health. That's how easy it is, but also how difficult. It could be difficult because sometimes, while these short breaks can help, they may not be enough when it comes to caring for your mental health.

I completely comprehend how, despite all its strength, the mind can occasionally be a curse. At the first sign of distress, the mind can become accustomed to whirling. To stop this spiral, you need to first recognize the spiral before it worsens. Then, consider what you can do to be of assistance. And finally, take whatever actions needed to be able to start working at full potential again.

Backtracking a bit, I said that people should be able to take time off of work or school for their mental well-being in the same manner that they would for their physical well-being. I tried to put things into perspective by pointing out that most people wouldn't consider giving their minds the same rest as they would their bodies. I've already said that this needs to change. People should be free to take time off when necessary because work and school are the two locations where the mind is used the most frequently. However, taking a pause to refresh the mind should not only be done for academic and professional purposes; it can be applied in many different contexts on a daily basis. To wrap it up, understanding the importance of taking care of not only your physical health but also your mental health is crucial to allowing your mind to have a well-needed break.

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Molly Brody
Molly Brody
08 nov. 2022

I believe this is the most important topic for high schools students. Nice job, Kother!

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