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What it feels like to be in MUN

Written by Kother Al-hasan. 4/3/2023

Going to a Model UN conference has been one of the most interesting experiences I've ever had. It was actually also my first time attending a Model UN conference. Not only did I attend, but I was also in a crisis committee. For more background information, there are 3 times of committees, general assembly, specialized committee, and crisis committee. Crisis is the most difficult, but for my first time being in a crisis committee, it was actually very enjoyable.

I think being in the sort of environment being in Model UN puts you in is actually very beneficial and exciting to experience. I was able to see people talk in a very formal manner that I am not used to. I saw how debates may work in the real UN. I learned many new skills and am hopefully even more prepared for next time. Overall, I'm really glad I got to go to the conference and am excited to attend the next.

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