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Let’s Not Forget the Amazing Start!

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

Central Academy Middle School Girl's Basketball

What?! 41-0. What a way for the middle school basketball girls to start off their season. On Tuesday the 27th of September the middle school girls basketball team traveled to Hanley International Academy to verse the Hanley Huskies. The falcons began the game led by Leyana Nemer as point guard, Ibtisam Issa and Ayah Hammoudah on wings, supported down low by Taleen Alessawy and Howa Kaba. The falcons were in the lead immediately with many points scored and many fast breaks made.

Our point guard Leyana Nemer led the team with twenty-seven points. With Tala Alessawy, Ayah Hammoudah, Ghinna Al-Rabeei, and Ibtisam Issa incorporating good defense. Both Howa Kaba and Taleen Alessawy had many skillful assists and numerous rebounds. Everyone worked hard and kept a positive attitude and quality team spirit. After the game the Falcons huddled up for a team photo and celebrated their win on the trip home. Make sure to look out for the Falcons this season. Watch the Falcons at their next game on Monday, October 3rd. Go Falcons!

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