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The importance of kindness

November 14th, 2022. Written by Kother Al-hasan. Published by Ayesha Nadeem

On November 13th, it was world kindness day. That makes it a perfect time to talk about the importance of kindness. Kindness may not seem like such a big deal, but the littlest of kind acts can make someone whole day. It definitely is much easier to be unkind, which is why kindness is such a valuable characteristic to possess. You can be kind in so many ways. It should not be so odd to do something nice for the people you care about.

Try to be kind as much as you can. Be understanding of others. Be appreciative. Show them you care. Practice random acts of kindness. You may not believe it, but it will make you feel better. I understand it is not always easy to be kind, especially when those around you are not, but that is why it is important to start being kind. So that, little by little, the world will become a more kind and peaceful place.

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