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Students need more help preparing for the SAT

November 8th, 2022. Written by Kother Al-hasan.

One of the most important things that students prepare for throughout all of high school is the SAT. While students do take the PSAT starting from 8th grade in Central, students need more assistance with preparing for such an important test. Many colleges did not require students to submit SAT scores when they apply for admission during the past few years due to covid. Thus, students may not take the SAT seriously because they believe it does not matter. This is not true. Colleges want to look for competitive applicants, and working to get a good score on the SAT will definitely look good on applications.

The SAT sets the path for a student's future in many ways. Students need help working on their test taking skills and overall knowledge on the included subjects. My suggestion is that Central should start an SAT prep club. I believe it will be very helpful for students. They can work together and also prepare themselves for the SAT. I really believe this will give students the extra assistance they need in order to be prepared for taking the SAT.

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