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Sports at Central

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

Written By Kother Al-Hassan. Edited by Asmaa Issa

I've noticed that there aren't many sports offered in central, and the ones that are available are primarily basketball and soccer. Now, I think that this is not sufficient for everyone, because not everyone likes these traditional sports. Potential options for additional sports at Central could include: volleyball, gymnastics, softball, etc. The problem is that the majority of the female students aren't interested in any of these sports. However, I believe that if they give it a try they might like it . This could be the reason there aren't quite so many sports available. This shouldn't serve as an excuse, though because similar to real life without trying something you can never know if you actually like it or not.

There are numerous ways we can enable girls to take part in different types of sports. The girls can wear the uniforms however they see fit and in an appropriate manner as well as being able to have the opportunity to play the sport how they like. The problem is much more easily fixable than it first appears. Therefore, I would like to see Central incorporate more sports. We can surely make it work, even though the process may take some time. As for funding, we can use a portion of the proceeds from Dollar Jean Day to assist with any potential financial problems. This is definitely achievable if we work hard to solve this problem.

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