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The Importance Of Voting

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

Voting is a thing many teenagers and adults don’t fret about. However, even the least amount of votes could make a big and life-changing difference.

What is voting? What makes Americans value it so much? Voting is a concept that every American is familiar with. Many adults, as well as perhaps teenagers, place a lot of importance on it. Essentially voting is the process in which an American citizen over the age of 18 casts a vote about who they believe should be the leaders of our country. Voting is important because every vote counts, the votes affect our economy, and voting is a way to portray a key human right.

Every vote counts, it helps choose who should be our president, directly influencing the future of our country. Being the first and arguably most important reason why voting is vital. Some people think their vote doesn't matter because they only cast one ballot and there are millions of others in the system. However, that is untrue. When voting takes place, the results are often quite close, and even a single vote could influence the outcome regardless of how many votes are counted. Imagine that there are two competitors, and that only one of them will be successful in landing the position. The odds are stacked against the candidate you want to run for president, and they are losing. If the other candidate wins then the future of your country is at stake, so to help your cause you decide to cast your vote. Whether your choice of president wins or not, you are assured that your voice has been heard, and that your vote counted.

The effect of voting on the economy is another consideration to why voting is important. Voting for the candidate you want enhances the likelihood that someone who genuinely cares about the people will be elected president, as nobody wants a careless person to hold office. A tragic and well-known occurrence, the Great Depression, occurred in 1929, just a few months after Herbert Hoover had been elected President. The economy had been destroyed, and pandemonium had resulted from the stock market catastrophe. The Great Depression remained relentless, and Herbert Hoover did nothing but stoke the flames. Because of his terrible communication skills, he was powerless to spare America from the pain that the Great Depression had brought about. This demonstrates the importance of having a President who is capable of providing for their country especially in uncalled for circumstances. The only way to avoid situations like the result of Hoover’s terrible leadership is to vote for who you believe truly cares and understands what's best for your country and its people.

The final justification is that voting safeguards our human rights. Everyone who is 18 years of age or older has the right to vote. By using your right to vote, you get to decide who leads America and is in charge of its people and economy. One cannot run for office if they wish to change anything. Elections do not hold the government accountable. The right to vote upholds and defends other human rights, including the freedom of association and the freedom of expression. Voting is significant because human rights are. Consequently, voting is a human right, a chance for your voice to be heard, and an opportunity to help boost America's economy.


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Molly Brody
Molly Brody
08 nov 2022

Ayesha, you are right! Every vote counts.

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