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Finding Balance

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

Written by Kother Al-Hasan. Edited by Asmaa Issa.

I've seen that many individuals, including myself, tend to think in black and white. Yet individuals often seem to disregard the significance of the interim period. the murky region. We need to learn to navigate the murky waters. I've been attempting to live by a principle known as "the wise mind." What exactly is "the wise mind" you may ask? It is an idea that psychologists commonly refer to and should be used in regular life. The sensible part of the mind, where judgment functions best, is the wise mind. We need to start living in this gray area otherwise known as "the wise mind state" because numerous ordinary situations take place in which thinking in black-and-white won't help us in gaining a full perspective of the situation. The first step to do this is to acknowledge the key: balance.

Balance is the secret to comprehending many things, from what I've learned throughout life. There is typically more to the tale when something transpires and is labeled as "right" or "wrong." Your judgment will only be trustworthy once you have obtained information from both sides, the "right" and the "wrong." Now that I've explained these ideas, I want to make clear that before anyone can decide to form an opinion on something, they should first look in the middle. Similar to the gray area they have to: assemble information, identify a fair viewpoint, and seek feedback. In essence, it's merely the art of balancing. Take it in.

The idea of balance is particularly crucial for students. Every student needs to practice finding a balance between their studies, extracurricular activities, and social life. Students can stay grounded by learning to take care of themselves by maintaining a wise mind rather than just an emotional and sensible mind. The secret to success in life is again: balance.

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