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Everything we know after missing Pioneer High School student found dead in Ann Arbor

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

Written by Islam Nemer, Published and Edited my Hawraa Ktab

Adriana Davidson, a girl aged 15 who was reported missing at 12:10 pm on Saturday, failed to get home the day before from school. The parents of Adriana said the last time they heard from her was at 9 am Jan 27 on her way to school. Her friends said they last saw her at 11 am on Jan 27 then she left, the Deputies looked the whole weekend to find her but she couldn’t be located. But finally on Monday Jan 30th the K-9 unit found her body near the athletic fields on the school property.

These are some of the other details that were left out. A review of security video from the school led police to believe Davidson was alone at the time of her death, they said. Also after running an autopsy they still haven't found the reason of death. But they have found out that there was no foul play done on the girl.

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