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COVID-19 Vaccines Are Being Added To Vaccine Schedules. What does this mean for students?

Written by Jenine Abudiab

A committee to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention voted on Thursday to include the Covid vaccine to the regular immunization schedule, which includes children and adults. In an undivided vote children of ages 6 months and older, also adults, should get the Covid vaccine. The Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices voted on this. Annually the CDC advisory committee reviews the vaccine schedule and discusses whether they should add on to the vaccine schedule.

Now, the CDC are the ones who decide whether to make it official. They are usually expected to sign, but are by no means required to. But, just because it’s now added to the recommended immunization schedule does not affect a student’s entrance to school. State and local administrations are the ones to decide if it's required for school attendance. Adding on, the HPV vaccine was added in 2006.

But only a few have mandated it for students. The schedule isn’t set in stone, though. Changes and improvisations are added regularly. For example, a vaccine for dengue was added for people who live in places where the virus is endemic.

Covid cases have been declining in kids these past few weeks, so hopefully this change will only make that improve even more.

Edwards, E. (2022, October 20). Kid’s Covid vaccine: CDC group says add vaccine to routine immunization schedule. NBC News.

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