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Last home game of the season?

Updated: Oct 30, 2022

Central Academy’s high school soccer team is coming to an end. The team had many memorable moments this season. The team’s next important mission is to prepare for districts. Districts will be starting on October 12, 2022. The Falcons will be going against Frontier at Wall Park on October 5 at 6pm. The Falcons went into the game looking for revenge after the loss against Frontier in the first leg. Many people were looking forward to this game for multiple reasons. One main reason is that it will most likely be the last home game of the season.

The game started and both teams were ready for battle. Both teams starting eleven were only focused on one major thing, which was to win. The game became pretty heated from the start. Our senior Murtadah had a big opportunity in front of the goal but the ball unfortunately ended up in the goalkeeper's hands. Frontier opened the scoreboard by scoring the first goal. The game went on and our players had countless opportunities to score. Sadly, toward the end of the first half, Frontier managed to score their second goal. Our boys went into the second half strong and had a couple of chances to score here and there, but none of them fully committed. Frontier scored their third goal and the game ended 3-0. Good game falcons and we wish you all good luck in your districts, GO BLUE.

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