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Boys Varsity Basketball Coach

November 22, 2022. Written by Salma Issa. Edited by Ali Al-Anssi

Coach Brandon graduated from University of Toledo. He was born and raised in Michigan but later on had to move to Ohio for college. During his high school career, coach Brandon went to Huron High School in the city of Ann Arbor. He also played for their varsity team. Before going to University of Toledo, coach Brandon went to Owen Community College for a couple of years. Coach Brandon played basketball in college, but he had to stop when he had his first child. His inspiration for being a coach came from his background and how he didn’t have anyone to help him when he was at a young age . He wants to teach his child a lot of things that he learned throughout his life.During his college experience at the state of Ohio, coach Brandon was surrounded by a lot of Ohio state fans but that didn’t stop him from being a big Michigan fan. He was at Ohio for 3 years and a half for college, until he finally came back home to Michigan. This is his first year coaching varsity basketball, but he did coach junior varsity for 8 years at Arbor Prep.

The Falcons first game this season is going to be against Arober Prep. Coach Brandon will be going against the school that he coached at for 8 years. Coach Brandon was offered the job of coaching at Huron High School. He chose Central Academy because he believes that he could have a bigger impact at Central Academy and he believes that the Falcons have great talents and great players. Huron has been winning a lot of championships lately however, the Falcons have not won a district championship since 2012. His biggest goal this year is to win the first championship with the Falcons. Coach Brandon believes that we could win districts with the amount of potential our players have. With the leadership and talent our seniors have, including the amount of potential our underclassmen show, we could bring it home.

Go Falcons!

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