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Bodies Of Water Are Drying Up

Written by Jenine Abudiab. Published by Ayesha Nadeem

Drought is causing rivers like the Tigress and Euphrates to dry up. And even in the U.S. and North America, water levels are also dropping. In fact, all over the world rivers are plummeting. What does thisspell for the future of bodies of water everywhere? What does this mean for mankind?

One example of a river drying up is the Mississippi River. Goods travel through New Orleans to the Gulf of Mexico and a dried up river can cause holdups. And because of that other effects will arise. Like inflation and product prices rising. In the West, major issues have been arising there too.

The water reservoirs are becoming small. This is consequential since they fuel households and the agriculture industry. “Lake Oroville and Lake Shasta, the two biggest reservoirs in the state, are barely above 30% capacity, and every major reservoir in California except for one is below the historical average...”(News, ABC.) What does this mean for citizens depending on this water?


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