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A Woman’s Choice: The Hijab

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

Written by Kother Al-Hasan. Edited by Hayat Issa.

Throughout history, it seems like women have had to battle for their rights on a constant basis. The hijab is one of these battles. The hijab is misunderstood by many individuals in terms of what it is and what it stands for. The hijab is headscarf Muslim women wear for purposes of modesty and faith. It should’ve never become a target of hate or prejudice against Muslims.

Women in Iran are compelled to wear the hijab. Women are not permitted to wear the hijab in France. In both circumstances, a lack of freedom of choice is the problem. The way that people perceive Islam is among the worst effects of these circumstances. Islam doesn't oppress people. The word “Islam” means peace, which is what Muslim woman all over the world hope to to have.

“Stop robbing women of basic rights. It’s not fair and never will be.”

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Narjes Alhachami
Narjes Alhachami
02. Nov. 2022

I love this story, not many people know much about it so this would be great to the central community.

Gefällt mir
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